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Quality with no Compromises

What makes us strong?



Through the use of ultra-modern equipment, technology, and approaches, Racrete strives to bring forth the quintessential fusion of designs and materials that add sophistication and vogue to your personal space. Since concrete is entirely customizable, we cater to detailed specifications and modification requests, primarily on the basis of texture, mold, sculpt, finish, color, thickness, and size. We also customize size and color shades that are difficult be attained with marble or conventional ceramic tiles. At Racrete, your possibilities and options are limitless because our specialty lies in designing virtually everything you desire.

Light Weight Concrete

Compared to standard concrete blends, lightweight concrete presents myriad advantages such as lighter weight on the object’s structural load, enhanced shock absorption, better sound absorption, flexibility, as well as improved insulation properties. Suspended floors have long benefited from the material since they reduce the structure’s weight and elevate fire resistance. Since lightweight concrete is typically thinner, it constitutes different ingredients than traditional concrete.


We use tactile 3D elements by balancing style and innovation for a luxurious feel. Racrete’s artisans are committed to developing premium products that not only appear exquisite and sophisticated but are also cost-effective.

Relatively Higher Strength

Concrete does not crack or chip like other elements such as granite or other stones under climatic variations, changes in seasons and temperature, or external wear and tear. As a result, the material is ideal for outdoor d cors like landscape features, sidewalks, benchtops, and stepping stones. At Racrete, we design and manufacture products with Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) and Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) through the use of premium quality and raw materials sourced from highly reliable firms. As nearly five times more robust than conventional concrete, they are particularly designed to provide enhanced external finish, persistence, and interior and exterior durability.

Unique Moulding Techniques

Technology and craftsmanship come together at Racrete, rendering it possible to curate premium-quality furniture, accessories, tiles, and panels. This accurately summarizes the Racrete portfolio. Our unique molding techniques entail the perfect blend of concrete combined with glass fibers and ad-mixers. Each tile manufactured by us works as well independently as it would in manifold-tile combinations, given our impeccable molding technology.