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About Us & Our Material

The nature of concrete as a material has always been very inspiring as it is poured in a liquid state and takes its ultimate form as it cures. There is poetry in a material that finds its form as it changes phases from liquid to a solid state.

Our material (UHPC) is a specialised type of concrete that exhibits enhanced durability, strength and workability compared to traditional concrete mixes giving our products an Industry Leading finish.

UHPC involves the careful selection of high-quality raw materials, including high-performance cement, aggregates, pigaments, glass fibres and supplementary cementitious materials, to achieve the desired finish and strength. All our products are hand crafted with meticulous precision.

We focus on attention to detail to achieve artisanal excellence in each of our pieces,which are unique & authentic. Our manufacturing process is sustainable & ethical with zero emission and use of very less water unlike traditional stones like marble & granite, which makes it a green building material.

As artisans who specialize in designing bespoke works from architectural concrete, we strike an exquisite balance between engineering and creativity.

Our products are carefully inspected, manually polished, and shielded with premium and high-performance sealants. While the delicately curated approach prevents staining and scratching, it also ensures that the products look elegant and timeless, holding an element of uniqueness. Every piece that leaves Racrete is locally produced and handcrafted in India, constituting our principles of strength, sustainable manufacturing, longevity, and high performance. We deliver our products across India, and also export them internationally.

All our products are sustainable and eco-friendly. We strive to fulfill our environmental responsibility by minimizing waste and conserving resources. Moreover, no toxic fumes and emissions are released during the manufacturing process of Racrete’s products.

Established with superior quality and a state-of-the-art manufacturing setup in Bangalore, India, Racrete Studio is well-equipped to develop unique and creative surfaces for indoor and outdoor spaces. Our team of proficient and highly experienced designers create customized furniture, as well as client-specific product offerings, such as sinks, tables, countertops, wall panels, garden decor, name boards, fire pits and 3D tiles.